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Washington Township Troop #80840


Zoe Nast


"Art for the Sake of It"

My project addressed the lack of visual art programs for older kids (middle school and beyond) in my community, especially at times when school is not in session.  Research suggests that self-confidence takes a dive as kids enter adolescence, and that becoming confident in their skills allows people to continue to see their value as a person and build their self-worth. I wanted my project to provide an opportunity for kids ages 11 and up to become more confident artists, and hopefully improve their self-esteem. I offered two free separate week-long workshops to teach fundamental drawing skills, and organized a month-long art show for the participants afterwards.  The art show allowed the participants to display their successful works of art, and bask in the admiration of family and community members who saw their artwork at the library. Finally, I made bags of drawing supplies for the high school and the middle school which are kept in the Zen Zone or Guidance Counselor offices as a resource for students who are feeling conflicted or anxious during school hours.

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