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Long Valley – Washington Township Service Unit Team

2022 - 2023

P.O. Box 459, Long Valley, NJ 07853

908-505-LVGS (5847)


Service Unit Manager
Service Unit Treasurer
Cindy Huson
New Leader Orientation
Julie Capello
Membership Recruitment
Arianne Swaszek
Product Sales – Fall
Stacy Ashburn
Product Sales – Cookies
Cindy Huson
Adult Recognition Coordinator
Laura Periera
Bindu Vinod
Silver / Gold Advisor
Jance Denzler
Community Liaison / Public Relations / News
Sarah Cipolletti
Sunshine Fund
Cindy Huson
Food Pantry
Jessica Wood and Troop 96762
Community Encampment
Jen Farino & Marlaina Chiddo
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