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2023 Encampment Information

June 16-18 at Jockey Hollow

Here it is - the Encampment 2023 Signup!


It looks much the same as the last few encampments signups because it is much the same.  


For those of you who are planning to come for the first time, please open the signup sheet, make a copy of the master tab, and rename to your five digit troop number.  Print this blank sheet and take it to your next meeting to talk to your families.  Once you have collected all of the information needed, return to your troop's tab to complete the sheet online.


The deadline to register for Encampment 2023 is TBD.  On TBD date, we will lock the signup and begin the process of placing everyone in lodging and activities.  We cannot give you pricing until this process is complete because the cost per person will depend on how many people you are sharing your lodging with, where you are staying, and how many nights you are staying, as well as whether or not you participate in any of the $6 per girl activities.  If you need to give an estimate to parents, you could say $50 per person plus the cost of your troop's food but be sure to say that is only an estimate.


If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming encampment, please come to the next Leader Meeting.  Leaders and parents are welcome to ask any and all questions in person that evening.


Please note - girls do not need their Girl Scout Troop Leaders to attend!  Any GSNNJ registered adult with a current background check on file can sign up for the necessary training and may step up in place of the troop leader if the troop leader will not be attending.  Please share this with all of the families in your troop so all girls have the opportunity to participate!


Up to date information can always be found on the HyperDoc by clicking through the links provided there.  If you have a question that is not answered anywhere on the HyperDoc, please send it to


So without further adieu, we give you Encampment 2023!


 HyperDoc 2023



-Your Encampment Committee

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