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Washington Township Troop #80916


Morgan Garner

“Epilepsy Awareness ”



Morgan’s project was inspired by her cousin who has Epilepsy.  After witnessing her cousin having many seizures and feeling unable to help, Morgan decided to do something about it.  Morgan addressed the issue of a lack of Epilepsy Awareness in the community.  Her goal was to teach people about the signs of a seizure and what to do if someone’s having a seizure.  Morgan ran an Epilepsy Awareness Booth at her town’s Community Night Out, where she gave out information and answered questions about Epilepsy.  She also, with the help of the Superintendent of Schools, initiated a Purple Day for the school district to raise awareness.  She created informational cards that went home to each family and shared facts about seizures on the morning announcements.  Additionally, Morgan ran an informational booth at Ort Farms, where she worked with people living with Epilepsy to teach people about the signs of a seizure and how to best help someone with Epilepsy.  Her biggest community event was an Epilepsy Awareness Workshop, where she shared information, had fun and educational activities for the children, and invited guest speakers including first responders and an adult living with Epilepsy.   Feedback from the events was all positive, and Morgan successfully raised awareness for this challenging disease.  Furthermore, the districts will continue to celebrate Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness each year.

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