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Washington Township Troop #80840


Emily Rotola

Natural Disasters: Be Aware and Prepared


Emily’s project, “Natural Disasters: Be Aware and Prepared” helped the community better understand the necessary precautions that should be made before and during a natural disaster. While implementing my project, I held multiple hour-long information sessions. During these sessions, I spoke about the specific preparations that one should make before and during a disaster, including the creation of a family plan, the copying of important documents, and information about what to do during certain disasters. Also, guest speakers in local and governmental positions spoke about the specific roles their departments and agencies have before, during and after a disaster. In addition, I held preparedness safety kit workshops. During these workshops, I provided essential items for their own preparedness safety kit, such as emergency thermal blankets and Meals Ready to Eat. Furthermore, by having a booth at the Long Valley Green Festival, I was able to reach even more people and promote preparedness for these disasters. Since most people don’t understand the magnitude of the devastation of natural disasters, my project was able to provide awareness and extra motivation for staying prepared.

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