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Mackenzie Villano

MacKenzie’s project entailed the creation of a database for the American Veterans Association of Washington Township, which includes basic information such as emergency contacts, personal preferences, along with details about their service time in the armed forces. This information was collected through hosting a Valentine's Day themed dinner at the Senior Center where the Veterans were able to communicate and enjoy their dinner whilst filling out the questionnaire. This questionnaire information was then compiled it into a template on the computer and stored on a USB, as well as in hard copy in a binder in the possession of the AVAWT. This project was selected in hopes to keep the Veterans better connected, whether just for social purposes between the monthly meetings, or for emergency purposes, such as to reach the Veteran or their next of kin in the case of an emergency. Additionally, this database was intended to grow with the Association, as it grows and gains more members- as well as to document and acknowledge the living legacy of the Veterans for many years to come.

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