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Washington Township Troop #80916


Emily Anne Meehan

"Learning through the Disciples”



For Emily’s Gold project she decided to leave a lasting impact on the Religious Education classrooms at St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Church here in Long Valley.  Emily chose to design and paint pictures of the 12 disciples, 1 for each of the 12 Religious Education classrooms.  As a student, Emily, felt that she needed a picture of what these men who she was studying about looked like and felt each classroom could benefit from some sort of artwork.  Emily spend the quarantined spring of 2020 sketching the portraits of each of the paintings and then in the summer of 2020, with the help, of classmates and socially distancing I setup tables at my house and we painted the portraits.  Emily also created lesson plans that went along with each painting.  These included Biographies, coloring pages, prayers, and open discussion questions for all levels of the Religious Education program.  The Meehan Family then hung each of the canvas up in each classroom.  Emily chose this project as a way to connect her faith and to give back to her church community.


Emily was a member of Troop 80916 since kindergarten as a Daisy scout.  She enjoyed the friendships of her sister scouts and enjoyed making favors of the Seniors Holiday party in town.  For her Bronze award, Emily and other members of Troop 80916 ran a workshop night for Brownie Scouts and 2nd year Daisy scouts to help them earn their Bug badge.  The night included making bug habitats, playing bug games, making bug crafts, and having a bug snack!  As a junior scout on a field trip to Town Hall and working on her government badge Emily and a few other sister scouts got the idea for their Silver Award.  They noticed all sorts of plaques to honor people who made an impact int eh town but, nothing to honor the men and women who served on the Township Committee or as Mayor and Vice-Mayor. So, for her Silver Award Emily and three other scouts researched who served Washington Township through the years.  This meant going into the archives and reading the minutes from meetings that took place in the 1700’s.  The girls put the information that they found into a Word document and presented it to the Township Committee and the Historical Society.


Emily graduated from West Morris Central High School in June 2021 and will be attending Western New England University studying Bio-medical engineering.  While at WMC, Emily was a 4 year member of the girls Volleyball team, concert band, and choir.  In addition to that she was a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and served as a Peer Leader.  Emily also volunteered with her Girl Scout troop with Clean Communities and at her church, St. Luke’s Parish, as an Altar Server, Visual Minister, and Religious Education substitute.  Emily’s mom, Jennifer, served as Troop 80916’s leader.

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