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Washington Township Troop #80673


Hailey Onweller

“Alternatives to pain management



Gold Project Summary - For Hailey’s Gold Award Project she organized and led a panel discussion about alternatives to pain management to teach the community about ways to avoid taking opioids and other pain medications. Hailey organized the discussion which included: a pain management doctor, a social worker, a physical therapist, a yoga instructor, the police chief and a nutritionist and they spoke about alternatives to pain medication. They then had an open conversation with community members. Hailey’s Principal and Guidance counselor, along with other school leaders, attended the event and spoke. After the event, Hailey helped connect many community members with connecting to the speakers. After the event, Hailey summarized the points made by the speakers by creating a digital flyer that she shared with the School’s Athletic trainer to share with student athletes. Additionally, Hailey was interviewed by a local newspaper and two papers ran articles about the event. Hailey chose this project because she was learning about how opioid and pain medication addiction can happen to anyone and anywhere and wanted to open her community’s mind to alternative ways to manage pain.


Bio - Hailey has been involved in Girl Scouts since kindergarten and completed her Girl Scout Bronze award by making blankets for pediatric patients at Goreyb Children’s Hospital and her Silver Award by creating a workshop about leadership and ways to get involved with volunteering, for community members. 


Hailey will graduate from West Morris Central High School in June 2021 and will attend Penn State University where she will be in the Schreyer Honors College and Millennium Scholars Program, where she will study engineering and computer science with full tuition and academic scholarships. Hailey was the Executive for West Morris Relay for Life, President of Highlanders for Humanity and Vice President of the Long Valley Juniorettes. Hailey received the  Parents Club of West Point Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Award for her ability to lead and be an active citizen in the community. Hailey would like to thank her mom, Sherry Onweller, who was her leader for her Girl Scout career and her Project Advisor, Cris Cooke-Gibbs, the Washington Township Health Officer, for their continued support.

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