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Michelle Henley

Michelle’s project was to run a sport’s skills class at the Child’s Enrichment Program located at Cuccinella Elementary School in Long Valley, New Jersey for learning physically and emotionally challenged children. Every week Michelle introduced a new sport and taught the skills of how to play a sport. At the beginning of camp not very many child were enthusiastic about playing sports, but by week three, kids were doing things they have never done before. The issue her project addressed was that children with disabilities are often forgotten about in the athletic world, with the exception of the Special Olympics, and not many young disabled children are having the opportunity to go out and enjoy the love for a sport.

After teaching a sport’s skills class, Michelle felt that she met the objective of helping disabled children and their siblings reconnect to the world of sports. One boy in a wheel chair had never had the opportunity to play football, which he loved. Through the camp she gave him the opportunity to have an experience that he would have never had otherwise.

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