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Nicole Lynn Stanton

"Happy Feet"

Dance studios in our area do not offer programs or classes for special needs children. Children with learning disabilities have a difficult time understanding concepts that may come naturally to others. Since many dance teachers are typically only trained in dance, they may not know the characteristics and learning styles of these children. Constant repetition, concepts broken down into small pieces, simple instructions, and frequent breaks are essential to their learning process. These children often have a low self-esteem due to the fact that they may have social and emotional difficulties as well. Nicole’s project created a class that addressed all of these concerns and helped this group of special education children find a new talent. This class gave them the opportunity to find and foster a talent outside of the classroom

The impact Nicole created was a lasting love for dance, as well as to create memories, friendships, and better self-esteems for the participants.

The main beneficiaries of Nicole’s project were special education students at Bragg Intermediate School in Chester New Jersey. The children’s ages ranged from 8-11. Also, the parents of the children benefited just as much because they were able to see a change in their child as they would become excited to go to school, work on their new found talent, and make new friends.  Finally, the Chester School District benefitted, as she created a new program to add to their educational offerings for special education students.

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