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Rebecca Smith

"Family Time is Fun Time”

Becky’s project helped families connect and bond as a unit in their new homes, after dealing with hard times. Becky partnered with Habitat for Humanity for her project. She furnished family rooms in Habitat for Humanity newly built homes for two cycles of home dedications, helping out 5 families with kids, ages preschool through teenagers.

Becky collected brand new board and card games to put in the family rooms. She also provided game themed tables, chairs, and cabinets for a place to play and to hold the games. She was excited to receive (as well as shop for) wooden tables and chairs to paint with game themes, by painting a checkerboard on the table tops, as well as other board game art.

Her goal was to help the families reconnect with each other through family game times in their new space. It was a way for them to interact at no cost, during hard financial times when they were working to make ends meet. She made a decision not to provide any electronics like video games or computer technology so the families could actually talk to one another about their day instead of staring at a TV or independently playing video games all day. Becky’s project has given these families the opportunity to talk together and play together. As you can see these rooms were designed to keep the families connected and to maintain the very important family unit as a whole.

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