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Kristina Megan Denzler

"Murals of Miracles”

Kristina’s project, Murals of Miracles, addressed the issue of reducing the stress that exists as a result of being in the hospital, whether from the hospital stay itself or because of the medical treatments, through art therapy. Less stress helps overall health and better healing.  Murals of Miracles gave St. Jude patients opportunities to use their artistic talents as each child created their own piece of art. 

Kristina travelled to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, TN to spend time with these children.  While working on the “Fish Frenzy” mural, each St. Jude patient attending Kristina’s art therapy session had the chance to make their own fish with paper scales, colored with pencils, paints and crayons.  The fish was then attached to a prepared ocean canvas to swim among a big coral reef.

The time Kristina spent together gave patients the chance to concentrate on making something beautiful, and thereby relieving the stress that they face on a daily basis. The piece of art they made was framed and the children were able to bring it home or display it in their hospital room. 

Kristina also created bags called, “Artist in the Making Bags”, tailored for various age groups. These gifts featured different art mediums for patients to use and keep. The hand sewn, brightly colored bags were used to be a reminder of her visit, and will be used in their rooms to continue to nurture creativity that began with their time together. 

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