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Taylor Claire Wiggins

"Vacation Day Adventures"

The issue Taylor addressed is that there is no affordable child care for working parents on school holidays in our community.   For working parents it is hard finding somewhere for their kids to go on days off in our town.  There are camps sponsored by a local YMCA but they are expensive, and the camp is not within our town.   If they can’t find anything it often comes down to the kids staying home by themselves.   That is not good for anyone, the kids get bored and then they could get in trouble.  Taylor provided affordable one-day camps on three different school holidays.  Her camp, called “Vacation Day Adventures” targeted kids grades K through 5 whose parents work. 

Taylor’s camp day started at 7:30AM and ended at 6PM.  There was a different theme each day, with structured activities, play time, lunch and snack times.  Her intent was to provide an educational but fun day off instead one whereby the kids would be home sitting in front of the TV.  Taylor addressed the issue by providing a safe place for kids to spend the day.  She had many different themed educational activities to keep everyone busy.  Also there were other kids to interact and have fun with, and she was able to segment the large groups of kids into smaller like age groups. 

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