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Washington Township Troop #80518


Julianne Michele Cantwell


“The Storm in Lucy’s Head”


Julianne used her personal experience with concussions to create a Gold project aimed at raising awareness of head injuries and correcting misconceptions. She wrote and illustrated an original book, “The Storm in Lucy’s Head.” It details the journey of a young bunny who struggles to heal from a concussion sustained while playing soccer. Challenges associated with head injuries include missing out on activities, dealing with confusing and scary symptoms and needing to keep up with doctors’ appointments. The road to recovery can be long, even if the injury seems minor at first. Julianne published the book in print and online and shared it with children at after school programs. She also dropped off copies of her story at local libraries and elementary schools.


Julianne has been with Girl Scout Troop #80518 since first grade. She participated as a Junior Scout in the troop’s Bronze award project with the Market Street Mission in Morristown, NJ. For her Silver award, as a Cadette Scout, Julianne created a project in response to Hurricane Sandy. She was touched by the devastation at the Jersey Shore – a place she loves – and collected books and craft supplies for a library that was destroyed by the storm.


After graduation from West Morris Central High School in June 2019, Julianne began studying fashion marketing and management at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she was awarded an academic scholarship. During high school, she was active in the youth ministry program at St. Luke’s Parish in Long Valley, New Jersey and has attended numerous Antioch retreats. She sang in her high school choir and was a member of the Women’s Ensemble. Julianne’s brother James is an Eagle Scout. Her mom, Treacy, has been particularly supportive of the Troop, serving as co-leader for a number of years and helping with badgework and many other things.

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