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Victoria Carson

"Time Capsule of    Long Valley”

Victoria’s project was to create a Time Capsule of Long Valley, NJ to be opened in 2038 at Long Valley’s 300th anniversary celebration.  The goals of the project were to promote town unity, to be something that everyone in the community could partake in, and to preserve what life was like in 2015-2016 for future generations.  Everyone who contributed to the time capsule benefitted from this project, because they were able to share their opinion about how they think life will change, or submit a token from life today.  It will be a positive celebration in the future and the next generation can better understand how their parents grew up in Long Valley.  In order to obtain all of the items for the Time Capsule, she created a website to advertise the project, interviewed several town officials, surveyed over 350 elementary and middle school students, took photos around town, researched Long Valley’s history, and reached out to several organizations in town to ask for donations for the project.  The Time Capsule included several interviews, hundreds of photographs of Long Valley during all four seasons, many important town artifacts, several contributions from clubs and organizations in town, and more.  The most successful aspect of the project was the number of people who contributed to the time capsule.  Countless groups, organizations, and individuals took an interest in this project and either donated or got involved in the project in some way. This project was important to Victoria because it gave her a chance to preserve Long Valley’s history, and she cannot wait until it is opened in 2038!

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