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2019 Fall Product Sale

Girls Take Orders and Collect Money for Paper Magazine Orders
October 1 - 21
Girl Orders Due to Troop Coordinator including:
Nut & Candy Orders, Paper Magazine Orders, 
and Payment for Paper Magazine Orders by 


October 26
Troop Orders Due in M2OS by 


October 24

Service Unit Orders Due in M2OS by 


October 25

Troop Magazine Payment Due Online by 


October 29

Product delivery will take place the week of

November 14

St. Mark's Church, Spring Lane


Delivery truck arrives 8 AM

Orders must be picked-up by 1:30 PM

Remaining Balances due to be Paid Online 

December 5

Additional information is available at:



Service Unit Fall Product Sale Coordinators:

Stacy Ashburn

Helene Miragliotta